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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The Ministry of Environment has fully automated its licensing (HAL) system with all hunting, angling and trapping licences available for sale.

The foundation of the HAL system is the ability for each customer to establish a unique, personal account (HAL ID). The benefits of this personal account are:

  • you are only required to enter your personal information once;

  • all future purchases will be quick as you’ll only need your individual HAL ID to enter the system. Your HAL ID is your permanent unique number, so please protect it.


The automated system is a web-based service developed by Active Network and designed to make it easier for hunters and anglers to purchase their licence. There are three options to purchase licences through this new service:

1. online through your personal computer any time;

  • The easiest way to purchase a big game licence online is to first obtain a convenience pack of seals from a private issuer, Ministry of Environment or select provincial park office.

2. through private issuers, Ministry of Environment and select provincial park offices; or

3. by phone at 1-855-848-4773 (8 am to 9 pm)

  • remember to allow up to three weeks for delivery


Big game seals are supplied if licences are purchased by phone, from a private licence issuer, Ministry of Environment or select provincial park office.

Licence fees have not changed with the introduction of the automated system. Customers require a credit card for phone and online transactions.


There are numerous advantages to this new system:

  • A client has the option of 24 hour at-home online licence purchase availability . . . the availability of a convenience pack will enable online users to purchase a complete licence at home and immediately be able to begin hunting.
  • Clients who are a considerable distance away from a licence issuer can obtain a licence through the mail or by placing their order by phone or internet.
  • The system will reduce administration costs for issuers and simplify and expedite the process.
  • Any outfitter who has internet service can purchase their client’s licences when clients arrive rather than ahead of time at the outfitter’s expense.
  • For clients who cancel their trip, outfitters would not have to worry about the refund process as there is no longer a requirement for outfitters to purchase licences in advance of clients’ arriving.
  • The ministry will have up-to-date data that can inform resource management decisions.
  • “Real time” collection of licence information (name of licensee; type of licence; date of purchase; location of licence purchase, etc.) will improve compliance monitoring and enforcement activity.
  • Similarly, availability to “real time” licence information will provide a more current understanding of hunter/angler activity and demographics with potential for new or enhanced marketing opportunities.

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