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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Guiding and Outfitting in Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan offers a wide variety of fishing and hunting experiences in prairie and forest environments. Outfitters and guides employed by outfitters can assist both residents and visitors to the province to access these experiences.

Over the past few years Saskatchewan has experienced an increased interest in the
outfitting industry. This has benefited both outfitters and their clients. The outfitters benefit because there are more people using their services and the users benefit as a result of having a greater choice. At the same time the industry has significantly reduced the availability of unused resources for new outfitter applicants. Outfitting opportunities for big game, migratory birds and angling are currently fully allocated. This leaves no opportunities available for people wishing to enter the industry. People who are interested in getting involved in outfitting will have to look for an existing business that is for sale by contacting existing outfitting businesses, the Saskatchewan Outfitters Association or checking local advertisements.

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